5 Stylish Apartment Storage Ideas

Apartment living has many advantages; less gardening, often situated closer to public transport and popular amenities, high security, low maintenance and most importantly an easy lifestyle.

Apartment living can come with more compact living options, so we’ve listed our favourite five stylish storage ideas that will have you wondering why you haven’t considered apartment living sooner.


1. Use Your Walls

Walls are not just for artwork and windows. Cleverly done, your walls can give your wardrobe, cupboards and bedroom floor some much-needed respite. Cleverly installed clothing and hat hooks make for interactive art pieces, displaying some of your daily favourites and most importantly, streamline your entry and exit.

Stylish entry hooks in Edition Como display your favourite scarf, designer bag and easy-to-grab hat.


2. Clever Cupboards at Every Height

Apartment living is about creating stylish storage options that fit your lifestyle. Our designers have ensured no opportunity is missed with sleek kitchen cabinetry to the ceiling and functional floating bathroom drawers to effectively hide a multitude of bathroom clutter sins.

5 Stylish Apartment Storage Ideas_Clever Cupboards 2_Parcel Property Edition Como

5 Stylish Apartment Storage Ideas_Clever Cupboards 1_Parcel Property Edition Como

Kitchen and Bathroom: Parcel Apartments Edition Como.


Sometimes, being a little clever with what you put IN your cupboards can also solve layout and ‘clutter-zone’ issues…

We love this living room cupboard transformation… where the busyness or your work day can be literally and figuratively closed off.

5 Stylish Apartment Storage Ideas_Cupboard Office Nook

Image credit: Houzz.


3. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can be popped just about anywhere to create additional storage in bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms…anywhere! They are a great way to merge functional storage with great styling.

5 Stylish Apartment Storage Ideas_Floating Shelves_Parcel Property Edition Como

4. Buy furniture with storage

Make every opportunity for storage count. There are many types of furniture available these days that double as storage options. Think couches with inbuilt shelves, storage in ottomans and even drawers and storage spaces underneath your bed.

Image credit: Pinterest.


5. Think Vertically

Need more space? Get lifted. If you want space for your kids to have a bedroom and a study, double your real estate by taking advantage of the space above your head. Beds are dead space during the day, so lift them up to realise extra living area. Plus, with a trusty ladder you can also create additional storage for less-often accessed items such as books, and display bags, hats or other items.

Image credit: Emma Fiala