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Finding the right property for an investment can be a complex decision-making process. At Parcel, we do more than deliver award-winning land, premium apartments and completed home developments for sale across Perth. We take a personal approach to helping you find just the right investment property for you to help you get a substantial return. We connect you with experts, knowledge, innovative tools and more choice across our portfolio, making the complex easy.

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Parcel Property have a range of investment land, properties and apartments for sale across Perth, WA. If you’re looking to find out more about investment opportunities, get in touch with us on 08 9200 4000 today.

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As one of WA’s largest and most diversified residential property development companies, we offer a wide range of property developments across land, apartments and completed homes to suit a variety of budgets, locations and lifestyles. This includes investment property for sale in Perth. Our reputation is built on delivering uncompromising quality, exceptional service and real value.

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