Despite best efforts clutter always manages to make its way into homes. The arrival of children seems to amplify the accumulation of items – and that’s just when they’re babies! As they grow older and gather hobbies, your house might suddenly feel like it’s bursting at the seams.

Here are some simple storage ideas to help keep your place (and sanity) in order.

Multi-functional furniture

Look for furniture items that can serve two purposes. For example, footstools that can also be used as storage units, or coffee tables that double as storage chests. Another great multi functional item are beds with built in storage drawers or space underneath to hide storage.


Bunkbeds are ideal to free up floor space in kid’s rooms, as are loft beds, with space for a desk and chair underneath. Another great option for a child’s room is to use the top of a dresser as a change table. Not only will you have one less item taking up space, but the dresser can remain with the child, even after they grow out of nappies.

Go tall

Use the blank space on walls as additional storage areas, by installing tall shelves. Remember though, to put the items you don’t need to access often on the higher shelves, so you aren’t continually climbing up steps to pull items down, and to fix the shelves securely to the wall. Vertical storage also has the benefit of creating an optical illusion of height in a room.


We all hang up our clothes, but have you considered creating more storage space in pantries by hanging items such as packets of chips, pasta and powdered sauces, rather than taking up valuable shelf space? This can easily be done by attaching clips to pantry walls, or by buying purpose-made skinny shelving units that attach behind doors – another underutilised area.

Garage space

Installing shelves along the interior garage wall is a great place to keep the bulk of sporting items (and helps keep odours out of the house, too!) plus, other items you don’t need to get to everyday, such as clothes and toys waiting to be grown into by the next family member. If you are storing clothes don’t forget to include moth repellent, such as cedar balls, in the storage containers to avoid any holey surprises.

Organise, organise, organise

Dull, we know, but the easiest way to create more room for items, is by decluttering regularly so you aren’t storing items that you don’t actually need. A comprehensive deep clean is suggested yearly, to keep on top of what you have and still need in your home, and what can be given away.