If you are building in a land estate, most developers offer front landscaping as part of the purchase package so you’ll have access to professional advice when it comes time to landscape your garden.

The plan

Either a traditional birds-eye view diagram or a more modern 3D render, this plan will show you exactly where each specific plant will be located. It should also include where all the underground utilities lie, so there are no unwanted surprises when installing the garden.

Soil preparation

Knowing the type of soil you have will have a big impact of the type of garden you can grow. Your landscaper, or even garden centre if you bring them a sample, can test your soil to find out the pH, allowing you to pick the most appropriate plants for your alkaline or acidic soil. Regardless of which type of soil your garden has, prepping with soil conditioner and aerating it will have a big impact on the overall health of your garden.

Your local and hyper local gardening climate

You might already know that the Perth Metro area has a mix of temperate and subtropical climate. But what most
people don’t know is that each garden has a microclimate. Microclimates are based on the direction your garden faces for example. East facing gardens receive the gentle morning sun but are more susceptible to frost damage. South facing gardens, are cooler than north facing ones. Whether your garden is situated on a hill or near the beach, where the saltwater might have an effect on plants, also have an effect on your micro-climate.


Being waterwise is always important. Most landscapers today suggest using subsurface trickle irrigation as water is delivered directly to the roots. This also reduces water lost to evaporation, which occurs with the older style sprinklers. Mulch! This stops soil from drying out, and even better helps to suppress weeds.

And if you have a pet, don’t forget to consider things such as secure fencing, shade and shelter for when they’re outside and a play-zone, to reduce the risk of them getting bored while you’re gone. And always check that the plants you have chosen are pet friendly.

If you are buying an apartment, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on having a garden. If your apartment complex allows you to have plants on your balcony, you too can exercise your green thumb. Herb gardens are great for smaller spaces as are plants that grow tall, instead of wide. Maximise your outdoor floor space by installing a vertical garden or consider hanging pots. And finally, think dual purpose pieces, such as raised garden beds that can double as seating.