One of the most exciting aspects of building your ideal home, is customising it to fit your tastes, perfectly – inside and out. To help, we’ve listed some of the top interior design trends, so that you’ll soon know your Scandi from your Coastal.

Hamptons / Coastal

Reflecting the Aussie beach lifestyle and the seamless indoor/outdoor type living popular in WA, it’s no wonder Hamptons or Coastal style is still a hot trend. Hamptons interiors are classic and sophisticated meets rustic beach. It’s about effortless entertaining with big comfy couches and beautiful large kitchen islands.

Think: Classic calming tones of blues, greys and whites mixed with natural fibres, such as bleached timber, jute and seagrass.

Must Haves: Hurricane-style lighting, nautical stripes and an abundance of natural light.


Boho, or Bohemian, style is all about seamlessly layering the old with the new. It says, ‘I’m cultured, carefree and a bit unusual – in a good way.’ For a Bohemian interior to work, confidence with mixing and matching textures and patterns is key.

Think: Warm earthy colours with pops of jewel and metallic tones.

Must Haves: Travel souvenirs, baskets, Turkish rugs and lots of indoor plants.



About as far as you can get from Boho, Scandinavian style is clutter-free, minimalist, functional and simple. It focusses on one or two key design pieces and practical storage solutions while not sacrificing beauty.

Think: Crisp whites and neutral colours and natural materials such as leather, wood and painted brick to bring warmth to the room.

Must Haves: Clean lines, simple accents, IKEA and lots of natural light.


Mid-Century Modern

This popular form of interior design, originating slightly after World War II, and is the first cousin of Scandinavian style – they’re both about simple yet functional designs for the home. Mid Century Modern sets itself apart by incorporating the curved shapes found in nature.

Think: Neutrals with retro splashes of colour, such as teal, chartreuse and yellow, coupled with warm wooden tones and standout ceramic pieces.

Must Haves: Graphic patterns, a retro bar cart, statement lighting such as a sputnik-style chandelier or Arco floor lamp and the ever-important Eames chair.

And don’t forget THREE key factors when putting together a room:

1. Purpose – Look out for furniture and lighting options to make the different things you will be doing in each room (reading, cooking, sleeping) easier.

The Archipelago Display by Dale Alcock Homes

2. Lighting – Not every room in your house will have access to floods of natural light, so layering lighting types is a must when designing a space. Most rooms will need a mix of soft ambient lighting, brighter task lighting and accent lighting.

The Archipelago Display by Dale Alcock Homes

3. Hero – Every room should be anchored by a hero piece – something that makes an impact. This could be a fabulous artwork, feature wall, beautiful rug or even an amazing view.

The Archipelago Display by Dale Alcock Homes