Not all interior design needs to be costly or involve big changes to your floorplan. As well as sitting down to really consider how you will use each space and best furniture positioning for flow, we have listed below five simple ways to make a big impact with décor.

Soft furnishings

Use cushion covers, throws and rugs to help your personality shine through. Bright jewel colours and tribal patterns bring a boho look to your space, while muted colours and the introduction of leather and natural fabrics conveys the popular, Scandi look. And by using cushion covers and throws, you can keep costs to a minimum, so you won’t feel bad if you want to update the look of a room, in a couple of seasons.

Rosewood Display by Dale Alcock Homes

Bring the outside, inside

Plants and greenery really help finish off a space. Go for a mix of plant heights, from the tall and graphic Monstera to the compact and dainty Peperomia, and foliage patterns and colourways, such as the regal purple and yellow Marantas. There are a range of plants to suit all levels of sunlight, budget and care.

Edition Como by Parcel Property

Layers of light

Did you know rooms benefit from having three different layers of light; ambient, task and accent? This ‘layering’ of lights helps create different moods within a room. Ambient, or general lighting refers to overhead lights (pendant, chandelier, recessed and flush mounted) that provide enough light in a room, so you won’t bump into furniture. Great, but for functionality consider adding task lighting, such as table lamps and LED light strips for when you’re performing specific jobs, such as cooking, reading and applying makeup, so in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. And if you really want to make an impact use floor lamps or consider installing track lighting to better highlight specific details in a room, such as artwork, architectural features or to brighten up a dark corner.

Edition Como by Parcel Property

Something to talk about

Consider creating a focal point with a feature wall. Modern feature walls don’t just have to be about a single bold colour or interesting wallpaper – although they can be. Get creative and hang a collection of unusual shaped mirrors or an assortment of paintings and prints featuring the same colour palette together to create a focal and talking point.

The Archipelago Display by Dale Alcock Homes


Sounds simple we know, but people often find that after moving all of their old stuff to their new place… they have far more things than they realised. Often, a big percentage of their goods probably didn’t need to make the move either, as it doesn’t fit the new space in looks or size! So try to edit your pieces before you pack up and move, to allow key furnishing the chance to shine.

The Rosewood Display by Dale Alcock Homes