Smart storage: tips to maximise space in your new Flamewood home

No matter the size of your house, storage solutions are a welcome addition to any home. Setting up and styling your new home in Flamewood is a great opportunity to get creative with new ways to sort your belongings and find new homes for those things that you no longer need or use. To help you get started, we’ve put together a few tips to maximise space in your dream home, so you can spend more time living and less time tidying up!

Before you start to organise your space, go through all your belongings and sell or give away anything you don’t need or use anymore. Moving house is a great opportunity to spring clean your belongings and will give you a really clear picture of exactly what you’ve got and how much storage you’ll need.

Buy smart furniture
No we’re not talking about another smart TV! Keep an eye out for pieces of furniture that double as storage solutions, for example an upholstered footstool in the living room could also serve as a storage box for extra cushions and throws.

Make use of baskets
Wicker or fabric storage baskets have become hugely popular for house styling in recent years and are great for keeping all sorts of items such as toys, shoes, towels and kitchenware. There are plenty of different sizes and looks available for varying home styles and budgets and make a lovely addition to any living space or bedroom.

Solutions for the kitchen
If you are planning the build of your new home in Flamewood, consider the design of your kitchen in terms of maximising storage wherever possible. Open shelving and wall cabinets will make the kitchen feel bigger and more spacious and are a standard and practical solution for every modern kitchen. Open shelving is great for displaying stunning crockery (and those big salad bowls that don’t seem to fit anywhere else!) or gorgeous recipe books and decorative pieces. Island benches in the middle of a large, modern kitchen are functional in so many ways. Not only do they allow for storage of all those larger appliances, they make for a great central space to share a meal or cup of coffee.

Make use of dead space
Make use of spaces such as underneath the stairs, above wardrobes and under beds as storage solutions. Utilising these spaces to pack away items that are used less frequently such as luggage, camping gear and wine, will help free up room elsewhere for the daily essentials!

Find hacks for daily essentials  
If you find yourself reaching for certain appliances or household items daily, find places to keep them that are easily accessible. Cleverly designed products can solve a variety of storage headaches and also help keep clutter at bay. Hairdryer holders that mount inside cabinet doors and specialised clothes bins are a few examples that can help elevate your storage cred.

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