Savvy interior design hacks for your new home in Flamewood

Planning and building your dream home is such an exciting time. You’ve thought for months and months about your new space, how it’s going to look and feel and all the amazing memories you’ll make. And while you’ve probably focused a lot of time and budget on the build and construction of your home, when it comes to the interiors – it might be time to get savvy!

If you’re keen to channel your inner interior designer and style your new Flamewood home yourself, then look no further than our handy hints below. From creating mood boards to building your own tables, we’ve got you covered…

Create a plan
The best first step in any home DIY project is to make a plan. Include your ideal timeline, proposed budget and any initial ideas you have for styles, colours and furnishing options. Putting pen to paper will help you map out exactly what you need to achieve your dream style.

Establish a style
Check out Pinterest, home interior blogs and magazines for some serious style inspiration. Creating a mood board will help create some clarity around the kind of colours, themes, furnishings and décor that you naturally gravitate towards, which will help narrow down all sorts of decision making.

For example, do you like a minimalist modern look? Or perhaps you’re leaning towards a more beachy vibe? Whatever theme you’ve landed on, you’ve now got a solid idea to work from which will help navigate your purchasing choices.

Work with what you’ve got
If you’ve just finished the build on your new Flamewood home, chances are you’ve got some great structural assets to work with already. Large windows with lots of natural light? Stunning outdoor views? Embrace all the amazing things about your home and let them feed into the overall aesthetic of your interiors project. Some soft, sheer curtains over large windows create a lovely relaxing vibe in a home and are relatively inexpensive.

Get crafty
DIY projects are a great option when keeping costs down. Give old pieces of furniture a new lease on life by freshening them up with a new coat of paint or if you’re a bit of a sewing whiz, why not make your own cushion covers? There are so many great fabric options out there to suit all sorts of interior styles and themes. How gorgeous are these macrame cushions for a more laidback, beachy vibe?

Slow down and enjoy the process
While you may be excited to get going and dive right in, take your time to source the perfect furniture and décor for your home. It can be so tempting to rush out to the shops and buy everything in sight, but sometimes chipping away at it, one room at a time can be a much more enjoyable process. Bring home bits and pieces, try them out and see what works. You can always return items and change the aesthetic of your space if you change direction! It’s all in the creative process, so slow down and enjoy it. You never know what amazing little pieces you can pick up when you least expect to…

Consider smart storage options
Storage should definitely be a factor to consider when furnishing and styling a home. If your décor and furniture can double as storage solutions, then you are totally winning! Look for furniture that double as handy storage solutions such as bookcases and ottomans that are great solutions for extra bits and pieces.

Add personal touches
Whatever style you go for, don’t forget the special things that make your space unique to you and your family. Whether its special family photos or objects from holidays and travel, these items always have a place in a home and no matter how perfectly styled it is, it’s so important to keep these elements. They are what make a house a home.

Are you a master when it comes to DIY interiors? Let us know if you have any tips or tricks for our Flamewood community!

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