Making the Move from House to Apartment: 5 Tips for Downsizing

The kids have all left home… you want less cleaning and maintenance… increased cash flow… more security and a vibrant new lifestyle.

The reasons for downsizing are many and varied, but one question always remains the same… “How do I pair down a lifetime into an apartment?”.

We have put together our five top tips for moving into a smaller space, creating a seamless, stress free and enjoyable move into your stylish new apartment.


1. What does my lifestyle look like?

Before you decide on your perfect apartment, write a list of all the things that are essential for your lifestyle:

  • Do you love entertaining in a large kitchen?
  • Is a bath at the end of a day a ‘must-have’?
  • Are you a green thumb and need a large balcony for your favourite plants?
  • Do you love walking along the river with your dog?
  • How close to family and friends would I like to be?

By mapping out the deal-breakers for your dream lifestyle, you’ll be able to nail down that perfect apartment in the perfect location much easier… and identify where you might be willing to compromise.

Image: Fringe Apartments


2. Move Less: Declutter Early

Decluttering is a job many of us love to hate. But by allowing yourself plenty of time, you’re less likely to get deluttering fatigue and give up half way through.

Tackling small bite-sized areas makes a large job more manageable… and you might find some gems you forgot you had! Consider space for furniture in your new apartment too. By measuring the rooms in your new home, you’ll be able to work out what bigger items you may need to sell or donate, such as bookcases and dining tables.

What a great excuse to revamp your interior style – sell the old and bring in the new!

Image: Carrington57 Palmyra


3. Green Thumbs Welcome!

Apartment living is great for those without a green thumb… but is also a great opportunity for those that love plants too. Choose an apartment with a large sunny balcony and invest in a range of indoor and outdoor pots to take your favourite foliage with you. Bring all the best parts of caring for your favourite greenery without the hassle of weeds and lawn mowing!

Image: Edition Como


4. Consider Storage: Both in the Apartment and Purchasing

We have a great blog outlining storage tricks for apartment living, and you can read it in detail HERE. Moving to a smaller space doesn’t mean giving away or selling all of your favourite things – it just means thinking a little more creatively for storage and where to put everything you can’t live without.

Image: Edition Como


5. Our Furry, Feathery and Scaly Family Members

We can’t forget our faithful friends! It pays to check if your new apartment is pet friendly and any rules or regulations around pet ownership. And let’s not forget their lifestyle too… is there a dog park nearby and does the local café serve pupaccino’s? (you never know!).

Image: Little H Cafe, Duncraig


Downsizing isn’t about giving up your old lifestyle; it’s about finding a way to incorporate it into a new location.

One of the biggest tips we suggest for anyone moving house or downsizing – is plan early, plan well and ask an expert!

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