Finding your 30 at Flamewood

With the picturesque Swan Valley on your doorstep, there is no shortage of scenic places to find your 30 minutes of daily exercise at Flamewood. Whether you enjoy walking, bike riding or getting your heart pumping in a group exercise class, there are options to suit everyone.

Jungle Park 
Just 700 meters from Flamewood, Jungle Park is bursting with nature and includes a scenic waterway. Featuring a creatively designed new playground for the kids, Jungle Park is also home to wide pavements which are the perfect place to get out for a walk or run.

Whiteman Park

Only a six minute drive away is the beautiful Whiteman park. Home to an extensive network of dual use paths, Whiteman Park is the perfect place to get out and get your heart rate up with a short stroll through the bush or a lengthy ride. You may even be lucky enough to come across some wildlife while you’re out and about. Whiteman Park also have a wide range of recreation areas, including basketball and tennis courts for you and the whole family to enjoy.


Image: @whitemanpark

Basketball Park

A ten minute stroll from Flamewood is the aptly named Basketball Park. Featuring a quality new court, this park is perfect if you enjoy team sports time and shooting hoops.

Bells Rapids Walk Trails

Get your daily dose of nature whilst finding your 30 as you take in the stunning scenery of the iconic Swan River. Just a short drive from Flamewood, this moderately classed walking trail is a Western Australian icon, and for good reason too.


Image: @mayhem85


If you prefer to hit the gym or a guided fitness class to get your heart rate up, then Flamewood has some excellent gyms and fitness classes in close proximity.

  • NO Excuses Fitness (NXF) Brabham
    NXF is a wellness group that takes advantage of the incredible outdoors, running a variety of activities with clients in the fresh air using ‘ the world as their playground’
  • Live Life Get Active Brabham, Whitman Edge
    Offering circuit based training, boxing and Active Yoga all for FREE!, they are another excellent outdoor fitness provider in the area.
  • Atlas – Strength and Conditioning, Caversham
    This friendly home based gym offers Strength and Conditioning, Mobility and Yoga in a small group or personal training setting.
  • F45 Training Ellenbrook
    The tried and tested way to get a functional full- body workout, F45 in Ellenbrook offers team training that is sure to get your heart rate pumping.

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