5 Simple Tips to Style Your Apartment

Do you have (or want?) a beautiful apartment but not quite sure how to style it?

Parcel Property has worked with Principal Designer at Tailorhouse Interior Design, Nikki Burwash on a number of our recent apartment projects, including Edition Como and Carrington57.

In this article, Nikki shares her top five tips to get your home looking stylish and functional.


1. Bringing the Outdoors In

The popularity of indoor plants has had a revival in the past few years, and for good reason. They purify the air and act as a natural humidifier, and they also add a tranquil pop of green bringing any space to life… literally. When selecting plants, it’s important to consider the temperature and light variations in different areas of your home. We’ve all bought that perfect plant, only to have it sadly look back at us after a week or two because it’s in the wrong spot. The size of the plant is also an important factor, bigger spaces will need a bigger plant to ‘fill’ the space. And too many plants in a smaller area will look cluttered and busy. Have a chat to your local nursery staff and even take a picture to show them the space you would like a plant to live.

2. Make sure furniture proportions are right for the space

We look at more than just square meters, we take into account the height of your ceilings and where the key focal points like stairs, windows and fireplaces might be. Make a mud map of your room and see what size furniture might work well. Some places even offer ‘try before you buy’ so you can really see what it will look like in your space.

3. Incorporate a balance of light and dark colours

Using a balance of light and dark colours can add dimension to your space. It makes your eyes move about the room, creating points of vibrancy and interest. In terms of balancing the light and dark, if your room is small, you would want to use a majority of light colours to open up the space with some dark focal points for interest. By contract, if you would like to make a large room cosy and inviting, injecting some drama with dark furniture can bring down the cavernous feel.

4. Play with textures and mix linens

Using texture has the potential to bring your room together and is a powerful finishing tool. One of the easiest ways to add texture is with fabrics and textiles. Try a mix of hard, soft, rough and smooth elements: like cushions, throws and rugs. They can be relatively inexpensive additions and can be easily moved and updated when your tastes change.

5. Use furniture and floor rugs to help define zones

Our love of open plan living has made this point even more important. Defining zones and areas in your home clearly articulates the function of different spaces and breaks up a large space to make it more inviting and interesting. Strategically positioning rugs and furniture will create zoned living areas in an open space. Paired with well-chosen lighting, this alone can suggest the function and mood of a space.

One of our most important tips for styling your home is making sure you stay true to your taste and personality, and testing different approaches as the mood takes you!

Would you like to see Nikki’s interior tips in action?

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