Parcel hitting the road to make property dreams reality

Parcel Property makes finding your dream home even more convenient thanks to their unique vans


Realising the property dream has become even more accessible thanks to residential property development experts, Parcel Property.

As one of WA’s fastest growing property companies, Parcel fuses a culture of high performance and passion, dedicated to building quality communities while delivering unique experiences to customers, projects and investors.

The Parcel Property Vans are the first mobile land sales offices in the Perth property market – delivering convenience and superior customer service for more West Australians to turn their property dreams into reality.

Seen regularly visiting Parcel’s 11 estate communities (and counting!), the mobile office is also available to visit potential home buyers at their home or office; making it even more convenient to find your perfect home.

Driven by Parcel’s vision to offer super client service and deliver developments that offer more choice, the vans include a comfortable sitting area, coffee and tea making facilities, as well as information on all of Parcel’s land developments and apartment designs.

Since launching late last year, the vans have made countless trips to homes, offices and estates, meeting and helping a wide variety of people along the way.

“Our Parcel Property Vans have made it even more accessible for our sales agents to help make West Australian’s property dreams reality,” Parcel’s Jeremy Cordina, General Manager – Land said.

“We’re passionate about delivering excellent client service and finding innovative ways in doing so. The vans have covered thousands of kilometres since launching last year, meeting people at their homes, offices or other convenient spaces. That’s the basis of the idea – bringing the convenience of finding your dream home to you.

“The vans have also been a useful tool to meet builders and investors interested in partnering with Parcel.

They’re an extension of our dedication and commitment to delivering quality property.” Cordina said while there were no immediate plans to add to their fleet, the Parcel Property Vans had proved a popular amongst the community.

“It’s refreshing to see an out-of-the-box idea become reality, and more so when it receives the reaction our vans have had in the WA property market,” Cordina said.

“It wouldn’t be far fetched to see more mobile land sale vans on the road as Parcel continues to grow and develop, delivering more property dreams to West Australians in the coming years.”

If you’re interested in the Parcel Property Van visiting you, contact Parcel on (08) 9200 4000 or email