Smooth Moves for Apartment Pets

Moving into your new apartment is an exciting experience. Your best friend is always welcome at Parcel Apartments, and whether they are furry, feathery or slithery, we have some strategies to make it a smooth move for your little friends.

1. Check Body Corporate Rules and Regulations

Parcel apartments are perfect for you and your best friend, but some apartments may have different rules and regulations with pet ownership in the building. It’s always best to check your pet is welcome before signing on the dotted line.

2. The Walls Can Talk

It’s best to consider the different noises and closeness that is apartment style living. Whilst most modern apartments have superior sound proofing… dog-sonic ears can still pick up more noise and movement than humans. Some techniques such as sound machines or leaving the radio or TV on to help ‘drown out’ the external noises for the first few weeks is a great way to help your pet.

3. Think like an animal

Walking around your new apartment with the mindset of your pet can help identify potential escape routes and can help prepare for your pet for the move, helping them feel right at home. Here are some points to consider when you’re thinking like a cat, bird or dog… or even something else:

Escape routes: Laundry shoots, doors, ventilation and balconies can all be opportunities for your little Houdini… having a walk around, first without your friend to spot the obvious escape routes and then with them to see if they notice some wiggle room you missed.

Toilet time: Will you have a space in the laundry or their cage? Or create a strong routine for morning and afternoon walks? Having a plan is a great start to ensuring your pet is comfortable in his or her new space and doesn’t walk around cross-legged or have accidents.

R&R:  Having a ‘safe space’ where they can escape from the hustle and bustle of the move and settle in, retreat and sleep securely is an important factor in making the move stress-free for your pawesome pal.

Play: Where are the closest parks? Is there room for a bit of indoor bird flight? Can Slytherin stretch out in a safe space for a while? Where will your pet partner have their daily exercise routine? Maybe it’s nipping down to the local café every morning for a warm doggacino!

Dinner: Similarly to having an sleeping spot that is out of the way, establishing a spot for dinner that was similar to their previous location (Laundry? Outside?) will assist in their relocation period.

Senior citizens: Aching joints in old doggies can make steps a pain… literally.

4. Brain Games

Animals get bored, just like we do. Having plenty of brain games for your pet can keep them occupied and happy during the day. Toys, treat games like hide and seek, fun things to chew like toilet rolls or even treat puzzles (kongs and feeders) can keep your friend occupied for hours… and also help stop them destroying something they shouldn’t or complaining loudly about being bored.

5. The perfect pets for apartment living

When it comes to the perfect pets for apartment living, just about any pet that is happy being inside can be a great apartment companion. Even large dogs like greyhounds have great ‘lay-about’ personalities if they have a run outside each day. It’s all about preparing and helping your little buddy get used to the new living situation… after all – they just want to be where you are!